Monday, February 19, 2018

Number of Glasses in a Bottle

If you're having people over, bringing wine to a party, or are just curious, it's a good thing to know how many glasses of wine are in a bottle. There are a variety of wine bottle sizes available and we've broken out different sizes with their serving amounts.

Your standard bottle is 750 mL which is about 25.4 oz. If you pour approximately 5 oz in your wine glass you will get about five glasses per bottle.

A 1.5 liter, otherwise known as a "Magnum" bottle, contains 50.8 oz which you can get ten glasses of out of.

Most boxed wines are 101.6 oz which equates to about twenty, 5 oz glasses.

These numbers are not exact. It does depend on your glass serving size. Serving size generally range from 3-6 oz based on the alcohol content of the wine, which usually ranges from 5.5% – 21% ABV.

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