Monday, January 8, 2018

Wine Etiquette Tips

At home you may snuggle up in your pajamas chugging a bottle of wine from a coffee mug (we're not judging... we do it, too!) but when you're in public it's probably a good idea to practice some wine drinking etiquette. Whether you're meeting your significant other's parents, attending a business dinner or party, or going to any formal event, it's a good idea to have some manners. Here are a few tips on how to impress people with your knowledge of the correct way to drink wine.

• Hold your glass by the stem - The wine glass is not only designed to be beautiful, it's designed to keep your wine from getting warm. If you hold the glass by the stem it prevents your hand from warming the wine inside.

• Smell your wine - Wine is an experience. Don't miss out on half of the experience by only tasting your wine. Smell it first, then sip it to get the full flavor.

• Drink from the same spot of the wine glass - If you drink from one side of your wine glass, then rotate the glass and drink from a different part you will be putting dirty looking mouth marks (especially if you're wearing lipstick) all over your glass. Try to drink from the same spot of the wine glass every sip in order to keep your glass cleaner.

• Clink glasses bell to bell - Try to cheers someone by clinking the bell of your glass to the bell of theirs. This helps avoid breaking either glass. It's also good etiquette to make eye contact with who you're clinking glasses with.

• While pouring wine, hold the bottle in the palm of your hand - If you're the one who's pouring the wine from the bottle make sure to hold the bottle at it's base in the palm of your hand. Try to hold it with the label facing outwards so everyone can see what it is.

• Don't overfill your glass - Wine is meant to aerate once poured so don't fill your glass all the way. If you fill it a little less than halfway it allows the wine to breathe.

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