Monday, January 1, 2018

Annual Official Wine Drinking Days

You may know that May 25th is "National Wine Day," but do you know when "Drink Local Wine Week" is? Or how about "National Zinfandel Day?"

In order to avoid missing an opportunity to drink wine this year (not like we need a specific day), here is a list of official wine drinking days to celebrate:

February 18th: Drink Wine Day
February 27th: Open That Bottle Night
March 3rd: National Mulled Wine Day
April 17th: World Malbec Day
May 9th: World Moscato Day
May 25th: National Wine Day
August 1st: International Albarino Day
August 14th: International Rosé Day
August 18th: National Pinot Noir Day
August 30th: International Cabernet Sauvignon Day
September 16th: International Grenache Day - Technically held on the third Friday in September
October 11-17th: Drink Local Wine Week
October 23rd: Champagne Day
November 7th: International Merlot Day
November 12th: Wine Tourism Day
November 12th: International Tempranillo Day
November 18th: National Zinfandel Day
December 4th: Cabernet Franc Day
December 5th: Repeal Day - On this date in 1933, we could all drink again
December 20th: National Sangria Day
December 31st: National Champagne Day

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