Monday, May 21, 2018

Tips for Wine Tasting in Wine Country

Make an Appointment
Some wineries in Napa Valley and Sonoma County, California fill up their wine tasting times weeks beforehand. For this reason, it's smart to make an appointment well in advance. This will allow the winery to prepare for your arrival and ensure there is enough room in the winery for your tasting. The size of some of the wineries and the permit restrictions for the number of guests may not allow for you to walk-in and do a tasting. 

Know the Fees
Tasting fees vary from $5-50 depending on how involved of an experience you would like. If you would like a tour of the vineyards, to sit in on a class or seminar, or to have lunch at the winery, the fee increases the more activities you add. It's a good idea to contact the winery to find out what their fees are and what is included.
Should I tip?
Tipping is not required since a fee is charged for wine tasting; however, like any other service you receive, a tip is appreciated if you received above and beyond service!

Taste Wine Properly
There is a right and a wrong way to sample wine during a wine tasting. You should 1. Look, 2. Smell, 3. Taste, 4. Conclude. For detailed information on how to properly taste wine, visit our blog post The Proper Way to Taste Wine

Monday, May 14, 2018

Ravenswood Winery - Sonoma, California

This truly special Winery is a must for red wine lovers. Ravenswood Winery is famous for their lush and spicy Zinfandels, and so much more. This is our memory picture from 1999.

"On a fall day in 1976, as ravens taunted from tree branches above, Joel Peterson worked doggedly to bring in four tons of grapes before a looming thunderstorm hit. The fruit he crushed that night was used for one of two single-vineyard Sonoma County Zins – the first wines to bear Ravenswood’s signature ring of ravens. Ravenswood’s “No Wimpy Wines” credo says it all – embrace the bold, abhor the bland. From our flock of Single Vineyard Designate wines, as unique as the individual vineyards they’re from and the people who farm them, to the County Series wines that capture the spirit of California’s best growing regions and the popular Vintners Blend bottlings sourced from vineyards throughout California, we strive to put what we pick from the fields right into the bottle. Unadulterated, unapologetic, unfussy, unwimpy." - Ravenswoodwinery.com

Located in Sonoma, CA, Ravenswood Winery is one of our favorite places to get some of the most delicious Zinfandel available. They offer walk-in wine tasting, barrel tastings, vineyard tours, library tastings, and group and private tastings. They always have exciting events going on and accept reservations. Visit them today to discover the best Zinfandel you're sure to fall in love with!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Wine Related Gifts for Mother's Day

So mom likes wine, huh? Well, who doesn't?! Mother's Day is this weekend and we've got the BEST wine related gifts for mom...

Wine Glasses
Give mom a set of wine glasses with cute sayings on them like "Because... Kids," or "Liquid Therapy," or "I don't give a sip!"

Wine Scented Candles
Swirling and smelling your wine is half of the experience so fill mom's house with the delicious scent of wine all the time!

Wine & Cheese Serving Tray
If your mom likes to entertain then a wine and cheese serving tray is the perfect gift for her!

Wine Bottle Wind Chimes
If you have some extra wine bottles laying around, a wine bottle wind chime is the perfect way to use them and show mom you care... and it's extra special if you make it yourself!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Our Favorite Napa Valley Wineries

Known throughout the whole world, Napa Valley is home to some of the most beautiful wineries and the tastiest wines! This glorious part of wine country features over 400 wineries who produce full-bodied Cabernets and fruity Merlots, along with dozens of other wine varieties. There are many regions of Napa Valley that contain these amazing vineyards and we want to share some of our favorites with you.


"A must for wine lovers seeking excellence, our setting is one of the most peaceful in the Napa Valley - a stone castle carved into a hillside overlooking a Chinese garden, lake and vineyards reaching out to the base of Mount Saint Helena."

"WELCOME TO CLOS PEGASE, the classic Napa Valley destination for award-winning, estate wines and luxury hospitality. Located just down the road from the town of Calistoga and nestled among estate vineyards, Clos Pegase Winery is both an awe-inspiring and welcoming destination."


"Cain Vineyard & Winery is cradled in a spectacular bowl overlooking the Napa Valley from the crest of the Spring Mountain District. We are dedicated to the creation of three Cabernet blends, each drawn from its own unique vineyard sources, each with its own distinctive signature: Cain Cuvée, Cain Concept, and Cain Five."

"Our Oakville winery is located between the Silverado Trail and the town of Oakville on the original site where Silver Oak was founded out of a dairy barn in 1972. Since 2008, our new, state-of-the-art winery has served as the production facility for our Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon."


"Visit us and discover what makes Peju a magical destination! Taste our award-winning wines, learn about food and wine pairing with our wine and culinary exploration or get hands-on in the Peju kitchen. We welcome you to join us daily 10am – 6pm."

"Our roots can be traced back to GH Mumm, the leading international champagne brand in France. Established in California in the late 1970s, Mumm Napa follows traditional wine making techniques of its French heritage to create the finest, hand-crafted sparkling wines. Our dedication to quality has been rewarded with accolades and awards over the decades."

St. Helena

"Passion has the wonderful power to turn mere objects into an obsession, to transform everyday tasks into art. At Beringer, we have been living our passion for over 141 years."

"After almost 30 years as a Builder and Developer in the Bay Area, Steve Sherwin was ready to make a lifestyle change. He and his wife, Linda, were looking for a quieter, more relaxed setting to raise their three children. Steve’s buddy, a fifth generation grape grower in Napa Valley, suggested that they look for property in Napa Valley and grow grapes. His buddy assured him that, although farming is a lot of hard work, it was not nearly as stressful as building and developing."


"The Jessup Cellars story is one of passion, family, hard work, resilience and, of course, fantastic wine. Over the past two decades, Jessup Cellars has earned a loyal following for its ultra-premium wines of distinction and a word-of-mouth reputation for hosting one of the friendliest tasting rooms in all of wine county."

"The Kelleher Family Vineyard is situated along Highway 29 in the famous Oakville Appellation in the heart of the Napa Valley. We have 10 acres planted exclusively with Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and we have named this beautiful piece of land "Brix Vineyard", after our namesake restaurant "Brix"."

For more of our favorite wineries, visit us at AWineryReview.com

Monday, April 23, 2018

Wine's Long-Term Effects on Your Brain

A study, published in February of 2018 by The Center for Translational Neuromedicine at The University of Rochester, which centers around how prolonged alcohol exposure effects your central nervous system, had some very interesting results. Their goal was to discover the amount of alcohol it takes to damage the function of the central nervous system through the glymphatic system, which is the system your body uses to remove waste in your brain. What their study revealed was very interesting!

"While a couple of glasses of wine can help clear the mind after a busy day, new research shows that it may actually help clean the mind as well. The new study shows that low levels of alcohol consumption tamp down inflammation and helps the brain clear away toxins, including those associated with Alzheimer's disease." - Science Daily

To conduct their study they exposed mice to different amounts of ethanol (alcohol). Some mice were exposed to moderate doses, some high, and some extreme doses. The mice that were given moderate doses showed improved glymphatic function compared to mice that were not exposed to any ethanol. This level increases the brain's efficiency of waste removal while reducing inflammation. The mice that were exposed to high and extreme doses had severe decreases in their brain waste removal. Their activity was subdued and their cells induced an injury reaction. The authors also suggest that a higher risk of dementia may be a long-term result of high or extreme exposure.

So how much is moderate, high, and extreme doses of wine?
Moderate Exposure - 2.5 glasses
High Exposure - 8 glasses
Extreme Exposure - 21 glasses
*These numbers are approximations

The bottom line is that drinking wine, or any alcohol, in moderation may be better for your central nervous system than drinking it in high doses or not at all. It's perfectly fine to enjoy a glass or two of your favorite bottle!

For more information, or to read the full study, click here.

Monday, April 16, 2018

A Crumbling Cork

If you've ever had a bottle of wine that had a crumbling cork you may wonder what to do. The best way to separate the cork from the wine is to filter the wine through mesh to collect the cork pieces. If the wine is old, this process may oxidize the wine more than desired, so you may want to filter it into a glass instead of decanting it. Since most wine bottles will still be sealed, the wine should have maintained it's quality. The best way to determine if the quality has been compromised is to taste the wine before serving. 

To prevent the cork from crumbling in the first place a two-prong wine opener is a good investment. This method pulls the cork from the sides instead of from the middle with a screw which can keep the cork in tact. If you don't have a two-prong wine opener yet, try removing a fragile cork very slowly.

If the cork breaks while removing it and some is left in the opening of the bottle, you can try to remove it by using both a two-prong wine opener and a cork screw. Or you can try to pry it out with the sharp end of the cork screw, again, very slowly and carefully. If all else fails, pushing the cork into the bottle of wine may be your only option.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Our Website

We are constantly updating our website and the services we offer you! We have "Featured Wineries" on our website along with our NEW magazine! Here are some of our services:

& More!

H. Montanile's winery review is a comprehensive overview of California's wine country detailing the overall experience of visiting the California Wineries.  Our reviews include the wines generally available for tasting, as well as a wide variety of other wines.  With over 5000 wineries to choose from, let H. Montanile's winery review be your companion on your visit to the wineries in the Napa Valley and Sonoma County.

We update our website weekly with new information and products so keep checking back so you don't miss anything!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Spring in Sonoma County

The season of spring is refreshing, fragrant, and vibrant. It's full of new blossoms, scents, and life! Along with the mustard blossoms, there are tons of flowers coming into bloom all across the county of Sonoma, filling the fields and gardens of the area.

Some beautiful locations to visit this spring include the Kendall-Jackson Wine Center which has a beautiful four acre paradise. With seven garden spaces, some are intended just for beauty, some for education, and some provide the vegetables, herbs, and fruits used by the culinary team for the food and wine pairings.

Ferrari-Carano Winery is also an awe-inspiring place to visit in the spring. Sprawled on five acres, you can explore paths and foot bridges, a stream, waterfalls, and fish ponds. This extraordinary winery is known for it's colorful display of over 10,000 tulips and daffodils. The gardens also include over 2,000 different species of shrubs and trees that are all informatively marked.

Featuring over 150 kinds of roses, Korbel Rose Garden at Korbel Champagne Cellars was planted in the 1880s at the Korbel Family summer home. In addition to the roses, the garden now contains redwood, plum trees, shrubs, and other beautiful plants native to the area.

These are only some of the amazing gardens located in Sonoma County. Spring is the best time to visit these gardens and... stop to smell the roses!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Wine's Effect On Your Teeth

Have you ever taken a sip of a deep red wine and it left a purple tint to your teeth? It's pretty common, and unattractive. Luckily we have some tips to help you avoid this and some insight as to what effect wine has on your teeth.

Susceptible to erosion due to acids, the enamel on your teeth is the part that is most effected by wine since wine is high in acids. In addition to the short-term staining of your teeth caused by wine, long-term dullness of your teeth is a concern. Red wine usually takes the blame for teeth staining because of the obviously darker color it has. It also causes more staining because it's high in chromogens, which can also be found in coffee and tea, other teeth staining drinks. The tannins in red wine can help the chromogens bind to teeth. We can't put all the blame on red wine, though. White wine is very high in acidity which breaks down tooth enamel. When the enamel is broken down it allows food and drinks to penetrate the teeth, thus staining them.

All of this may sound a bit overwhelming for wine drinkers, but there's no reason to stop enjoying your favorite bottle. Dr. John Aylmer, a Weston, FL dentist, says "If a patient tells me they drink a lot of wine, it doesn't raise any great concerns for me, as long as they're sticking to an effective oral-hygiene regimen." Brushing and flossing regularly can help prevent the effects of wine staining your teeth, just like any other foods (sugar, coffee, etc.).

One way to prevent wine from staining your teeth is to brush your teeth beforehand. This will scrub away plaque that wine can stick to. Then wait at least 30 minutes after drinking wine before brushing again to prevent from moving all the acid from wine throughout your mouth.

An even easier trick to prevent staining is to swish water around your mouth periodically while drinking wine to wash away the staining components. Since water is a neutral substance, it restores normal pH levels in your mouth, aiding in the reduction of cavity causing bacteria. It can also help your mouth produce more saliva which fights off bacteria.

Wine does have a lot of positive effects on your teeth, too!
"A study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that red-wine antioxidants prevented plaque-causing bacteria from sticking to gum tissue.

In 2014, another study published in that journal showed that wine might help prevent periodontal disease and teeth loss. In the study, wine with added grapeseed extract was effective in fighting three out of five mouth disease–causing bacterial strains.

In 2007, research from Italy's University of Pavia showed that both white and red wine may help prevent the proliferation of streptococci, a type of bacteria associated with cavities, tooth decay and sore throats. Furthermore, another study from the same year found that polyphenols in grape pomace may help inhibit Streptococcus mutans, the dental pathogen that produces tooth-decaying acid and sugary substances called glucans, which can cause plaque. 

Among these polyphenols, resveratrol might play a key role. A 2006 study published in the Journal of Periodontology found that resveratrol reduced the amount of gingivitis-related bacteria by up to 60 percent in lab tests on mice, performing better than synthetic alternatives."
- Wine Spectator

So don't hold back from having that glass (or two) of wine because you're afraid of it staining your teeth. Drink up!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Napa Valley Restaurants the Locals Visit

Living in one of the most popular tourist locations does make for higher prices and busy seating areas if you're looking to grab a bite to eat. Of course Napa Valley locals know all the best places to eat in the area. Places that are more low-key, comfortable, and affordable. Here are some of the best places that locals eat at:

• Angele - 540 Main (at Fifth St.) Street Napa, California - www.angelerestaurant.com

"We are a French country restaurant and bar offering refined bistro fare, wine and cocktails on the Napa riverfront in the heart of downtown Napa. Our dining room, located in the historic 1890's ship chandlery now known as the Hatt Building, evokes the simple romance of the classic French brasserie, while our riverfront patio celebrates the region's temperate climate and relaxed atmosphere."

• Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch - 738 Main Street St. Helena, California - www.longmeadowranch.com/eat-drink/restaurant

"At our restaurant, our connection to rugged mountain terrain, mineral-rich riverbed benchland, and the cool coastal air is tangible through the dishes and ambiance carefully curated by the Halls and our artisans. The talents of chefs, farmers, cattle ranchers, winemakers, and restaurant managers create a Napa Valley experience like no other."

• La Luna Market & Taqueria - 1153 Rutherford Rd, Rutherford, California - www.lalunamarket.com

Featuring a menu full of burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and other delicious items, this spicy restaurant is the perfect place to grab a quick bite to eat! Sit outside and look at the beautiful vineyards in the area while having an affordable lunch.

• Goose and Gander - 1245 Spring St, St Helena, California - www.goosegander.com

"Goose & Gander is a wine country public house- a gathering place for locals and visitors to celebrate Napa Valley’s abundant bounty (or embarrassment of riches). Chef Nic Jones creates amazing rustic American food and mouthwatering bar bites served in our pub-like dining room, cherished basement bar or lush patio. The seasonally  driven menu perfectly complements Scott Beattie’s retro-fresh libations or a bottle of  wine from our unique and exciting wine list."

For more restaurants located in the Napa Valley area, visit our website!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Hiking in Napa Valley

A lot of people head to Napa Valley to see the amazing vineyards and to taste the delicious wines. While this is a great way to experience the area, there are also other wonderful things to do. Hiking is prevalent in Napa Valley and there are a variety of locations to go and things to see such as the awe-inspiring redwoods and the stunning vistas.

Here are some of the best hikes you can take in Napa Valley:

1. Ritchey Canyon Trail, Calistoga - 8 miles out-and-back, moderate, strenuous
The canyons of Bothe-Napa Valley State Park are home to some of the most majestic redwoods you can imagine. Following Ritchey Creek, the Ritchey Canyon Trail also has trilliums and orchids which are amazing.

2. Dryfoot Trail, St. Helena - 6.4 miles out-and-back, moderate
Moore Creek Park used to be a cattle ranch. Above St. Helena, it runs next to the northeastern shore of Lake Hennessey. Rolling hills offer a great place to hike or bike and the new Dryfoot Trail leads to a swimming hole.

3. Lower Oat Hill Mine Trail, Calistoga - 9 miles out-and-back, strenuous
A beautiful view is offered from the Lower Oat Hill Mine Trail which leads up the hills above Calistoga. The trail follows an old road that used to lead to former cinnabar (mercury) mines. You can view beautiful spring wildflowers on your way up the rocky trail.

4. Buchli Station Road Trail, Napa - 4.75-mile loop, moderate
Napa-Sonoma Marshes Wildlife Area is on the north shore of San Pablo Bay and offers 15,200 acres of birds, fish, and other beautiful things to see. 

5. Napa River Ecological Reserve, Yountville - 0.5-mile loop, easy
The short loop on this 73 acre preserve is the perfect place to relax and stroll. You can walk underneath tall oaks on this trail that hugs the river.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Our Brand New Magazine!

We've started a brand new wine magazine and we've just published our first issue! H. Montanile's Winery Reviews magazine is a monthly publication that you can download for FREE! The issues will contain topics such as what's trending in wine, monthly featured wines and wineries, our On The Road articles, and much more. 

"As we embark on our e-magazine adventure we will take you with us on our lifetime journey of love, everyday life, family, travel, food & wine. We will share with you daily life tidbits from inside our home and our adventures on the road while bringing you upcoming trends, treasured moments, human interest stories, relevant world events, our recipes, winery experiences, travel information and 
more." - Leslie & Joe Montanile

Our first issue contains some informative articles, including:
• 5 Helpful Tips in Planning Your Wine Country Adventure
• Our Chicken Parmesan Pizza, Stuffed Peppers with Sriracha Kick, and other recipes
• A Little Something About H. Montanile...
• Sonoma County and Napa Maps
• And so much more!

You can download and subscribe to our FREE magazine from the homepage of our website AWineryReview.com today! Or, click here.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Preventing Foggy Wine Glasses

No one wants to drink or eat from a dirty dish and it's embarrassing when you pull your wine glasses out of the cupboard and they look dirty or foggy! Spots on your glasses are never appealing and re-washing your dishes before serving wine is not ideal. Foggy wine glasses are caused by a build-up of hard water minerals. Since it's so hard to remove the fogginess, it's better to try to prevent it. Wash your wine glasses by hand using hot water then use a microfiber cloth to dry them immediately.

If your glasses are already foggy you can try to get them clean by soaking them in vinegar. This will dissolve the minerals and allow you to effectively wash and dry them by hand. Another option is to wipe them off with nail polish remover or denture cleaner, then wash and dry them by hand.

If the fogginess just won't go away then your glasses may be scratched. Unfortunately, there is no way to remove the scratches from your wine glasses and it may be time to invest in a new set.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Number of Glasses in a Bottle

If you're having people over, bringing wine to a party, or are just curious, it's a good thing to know how many glasses of wine are in a bottle. There are a variety of wine bottle sizes available and we've broken out different sizes with their serving amounts.

Your standard bottle is 750 mL which is about 25.4 oz. If you pour approximately 5 oz in your wine glass you will get about five glasses per bottle.

A 1.5 liter, otherwise known as a "Magnum" bottle, contains 50.8 oz which you can get ten glasses of out of.

Most boxed wines are 101.6 oz which equates to about twenty, 5 oz glasses.

These numbers are not exact. It does depend on your glass serving size. Serving size generally range from 3-6 oz based on the alcohol content of the wine, which usually ranges from 5.5% – 21% ABV.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Mustard in the Vineyards?

As spring approaches, you may want to take a drive through the California vineyards to experience the beautiful mustard blossoms that grow there as winter comes to an end. Sometimes it grows there wild, and sometimes the vineyard manager purposefully plants it there. But why?

In addition to it's beauty, mustard provides valuable nutrients to the grape vines. As it turns to mulch it supplies the emerging vines with phosphorus. Because it contains high levels of biofumigants, mustard also helps decrease the nematode population, which is damaging microscopic worms.

The planting of mustard in the vineyards is not a new tradition. Legend has it that a Franciscan missionary started spreading mustard seed as he landscaped Californian church properties. Planting was as easy as carrying a sack full of mustard seeds on the back. A small hole in the sack would allow the seeds to escape and be scattered as the landscapers walked.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Warm Red Wines for Winter

January seemed to last forever this year and now that we're finally into February it seems there may be an end to winter in sight! Spring is right around the corner but we still have a few weeks of winter left. With the days still pretty short and most activities being indoors, it's still the perfect weather for wine. Warm red wines are great for fighting off the chill and the end-of-winter blues.

Cabernet Sauvignon
One of the most popular red wine grape varieties is Cabernet Sauvignon. Having strong fruit flavors of plum and black cherry when young, this wine gives off the distinct aroma of blackcurrants. As it ages, it can give off aromas of tobacco and cedar. Lamb, and other fatty red meats, pair well with Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Recently, Malbec has been rapidly growing in popularity. Similar to Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec has flavors of plum and black cherry. It also consists of blackberry and can even have chocolate flavors. Because of it's softer tannins, it pairs well with lean meats.

Giving hearty, spicy red wines, the Syrah grape variety is a perfect choice for those chilly winter nights. Along with the previous mentioned wines, it has flavors of wild black fruits such as blackcurrants. These fruit flavors can be accompanied with roasting meat and black pepper spice flavors. Wild game and stews are wonderful pairings to go with Syrah.

Now that winter is in full swing and we're (hopefully) headed to an early spring, try to push through these last days of winter with these delightful, warm, red wine varieties.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Cork vs Screw Cap

It used to be that when you thought of a screw capped bottle of wine you thought of a cheaper wine. Screw capped wine has been around since the 1950s but usually on more economical jugs of wine. Higher end bottles of wine are associated with corks, but recently that is changing.

In the 1400s, with the increase in popularity of glass bottles, the use of corks to close those bottles became more popular, as well. This is because cork bark, which is pliable, is great for holding the liquid inside the glass bottle. Corks are also preferred in the long-term aging of wines. They are made from renewable resources and are environmentally friendly. However, with other options available it may not be the best choice to use corks in all bottles of wine. They are more expensive, can cause TCA ‘Cork’ Taint, and natural corks may not breathe at a stable rate.

Some alternatives to corks include screw caps and corks made of other materials, such as plastics or plant-based polymers. These options are cheaper to make and easier to use, but like corks, they have their downsides. Some of them don't breathe at all, they are made from non-renewable resources, they are not biodegradable, and they are often associated with "cheap" wine.

Don't be surprised to see an increase in alternative methods to corks in not only economical wines, but also in high-end wines. They may not be the tradition, but when weighing the pros and cons of each they seem to be just as good.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Sonoma County Spas

Known for it's amazing wineries, endless activities, and amazing dining options, Sonoma County is one of the best places in the world to live it up. But did you know that it's also a great place to relax and unwind? With a variety of exquisite spas, Sonoma is the perfect destination to lay back and enjoy a little pampering. Here are some of the best spas in Sonoma County.

209 Bohemian Highway
Freestone, CA 95472
Local: 707-823-8231
Email: reservations@osmosis.com

"Located in beautiful Western Sonoma County- Osmosis is the only day spa in the U.S. that offers the Cedar Enzyme Bath- a rejuvenating heat treatment from Japan. We also specialize in a variety of 75-minute massage modalities performed by our community of experienced therapists. In reflection of our commitment to wellness and the environment, we feature an array of organic facials, skin care, and waxing services. We welcome you to relax in our authentic meditation garden with a cup of our exclusive blend of organic herbal tea. Shop anytime in our unique spa boutique filled with great gifts and products to support your healthy lifestyle. Gift certificates are available year round for any occasion, either in our boutique or in 30 years! Voted Best Spa by North Bay Bohemian for 17 years running! Named Best Spa North of San Francisco by San Francisco Magazine." [1]

100 Boyes Blvd.
Sonoma, CA 95476
Toll Free: 866-540-4499
Local: 707-938-9000
Email: smi.reservations@fairmont.com

"In the midst of Wine Country’s grandeur stands a true treasure: The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa, rated among Travel + Leisure’s top 25 spas. The elegant Spanish Mission–style inn boasts an enviable location atop an ancient thermal mineral spring, flowing from 1,100 feet (335 meters) below and historically revered by Native Americans for its healing power. The tranquility and beauty of this environment is echoed throughout the 40,000-square-foot (3,700-square-meter) spa, which offers endless opportunities to find your energy—whether it’s relaxing by the inviting fireplace, soaking in our mineral baths and Watsu® pool, or indulging in one of our signature treatments." [1]

10400 Sonoma Highway 12
Kenwood, CA 95452
Toll Free: 800-353-6966
Local: 707-833-1293
Email: caroline@foursisters.com

"Open to both overnight guests and day visitors, the Spa at Kenwood Inn has earned its reputation as one of the leading spas in the United States. A consistent award winner, this perennial reviewers’ favorite is the ultimate body retreat in Sonoma Wine Country.

Amidst exquisite surroundings, experienced and highly trained therapists and aestheticians provide clients with results-oriented treatments, leading to a feeling of total relaxation and rejuvenation.

Many selections from the extensive spa menu here prove that wine is not just for drinking. Our Honey Wine Wrap, Crushed Cabernet Scrub and Massage and Vinoperfect Facial are among our most popular offerings. Our Vinotherapy Baths are the ultimate add-on; choose Pinor Noir, Chardonnay or Sparkling for a therapeutic soak unlike any other, and sip a glass of bubbly while the bath soothes your stress away. With your bath, we’ll also provide a gift bag of Vinotherapy products so you can recreate the experience back home. Open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m." [1]

Contact Us Directly
Sebastopol, CA 95472
Local: 707-494-7374
Email: cindy@thespagourmet.com

"The Spa Gourmet delivers the ultimate luxury vacation experience to visitors of Sonoma County from Wine Country to the Coast. Offering Pampering Spa Treatments followed by gourmet cuisine, from a light healthy spa lunch... to a five course dinner complete with "apres-massage" hors d'oeuvres (poolside), wine pairings and decadent dessert." [1]

13555 Highway 116
Guerneville, CA 95446
Toll Free: 800-555-8509
Local: 707-869-9093
Email: relax@applewoodinn.com

"Applewood: An Enclave for Romance at the Heart of the Russian River Valley

This Boutique Wine Country Inn, with its 19 rooms and suites and a spa, is located one hour north of the Golden Gate Bridge in the heart of the Russian River Valley Pinot Noir growing region.

Sheltered by towering redwoods and surrounded by fruit orchards and gardens, this romantic getaway offers adults a secluded and peaceful refuge to relax, rejuvenate, and re-connect.

The Spa at Applewood offers relaxed pampering in a tranquil setting. Whether it's a day visit or an appointment during your stay, the spa is a key ingredient for a perfect get away.

The Gardens at Applewood grow organic fruits, herbs and vegetables and together with its apiary and chicken coop, reflect Applewood's commitment to sustainability.

The green apple in Applewood's logo is a symbol of the eco-consciousness apparent throughout the property. The use of solar energy for producing electricity and heating the pool, an in-house, aerated, composting system and many other green practices provide a canvas for the conservation of Applewood's beauty.

Applewood is a sanctuary for tranquility and intimacy as well as a portal to world-class wineries, the mystical Russian River, the rugged and dramatic Northern California coastline, and the millenarian Armstrong Redwood Forest." [1]