Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Wine Memes

It's Christmas Day! Relax with loved ones, eat, drink a bottle of wine (did we say bottle?! We meant glass *wink*wink), and enjoy these Christmas wine themed memes!

12 snobs sniffing
11 casks a corking
10 crushers crushing
9 vines a winding
8 charming chardonnays
7 sommeliers a-serving
6 corkscrews turning
5 golden sauternes
4 hearty cabernets
3 french blends
2 toasting friends
and a pinot in a pear tree

This is our favorite type of exercise

All the xmas spirit we have is in the liquor cabinet

We may need a few bottles to deal with the difficult relatives

I'm actually really easy to shop for... if you know where to shop

Either or... I'm not picky

Not likely

Wine. Yes, definitely wine.

I always dreams of wine, even when it's not the Holidays.

No need for stocking stuffers.

Merry Christmas from AWineryReview.com

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