Monday, December 11, 2017

Best Holiday Gifts for Wine Lovers

The Holidays are the perfect time to enjoy the company of loved ones and giving gifts is a wonderful way to show others how special they are to you. However, there's only so many times you can give someone a bottle of wine before it becomes mundane. If you want to pleasantly surprise them, give them a wine related gift that isn't just the standard bottle of wine.

A great idea is to save your wine corks throughout the year and make them a homemade gift. Our What To Do With Your Extra Wine Corks blog has some creative ideas for what you can make. But if you didn't save corks or you don't have the time to make a homemade gift, here are some ideas of other wine related gifts that are sure to please your loved one (or yourself! There's nothing wrong with a "To: me, From: me" present!).

Gilded Rim Wine Glass Set
From stemless glasses, to white wine glasses and red wine glasses, these are a beautiful gift for someone who loves to entertain.

• Stemless Glasses - Buy Now
• White Wine Glasses - Buy Now
• Red Wine Glasses - Buy Now

Wine Aerator
Give the gift of a perfect, aerated pour with this beautiful wine Aerator

• Aervana Wine Aerator - Buy Now
• Rabbit Super Wine Aerator - Buy Now

Wine Lover's Card Deck
Not only is this gift great for playing drinking games, it also is a great way to learn wine facts. It's the perfect gift for a host or hostess.

• The Wine Deck - Buy Now

Wine Glass Markers
These markers are great for personalizing your wine glass as to not mix it up with someone else's.

• Wine Glass Writer - Buy Now

Wine Decanter
In addition to the beauty a decanter offers, it's also a wonderful way to let wine breathe. Decanters make stylish, affordable gifts.

• Homestia Wine Decanter - Buy Now
• Vivid Wine Decanter - Buy Now
• Ravenscroft Crystal Wine Decanter - Buy Now

Wine Preservation System
Help your loved one keep a bottle of wine tasting it's best for long with a wine preservation system.

• Coravin Model One Wine System - Buy Now
• Coravin Model Two Wine System - Buy Now

Red Wine Stain Remover
Everyone is clumsy once in a while so this gift is perfect for everyone!

• Red Wine Stain Remover - Buy Now

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