Monday, July 31, 2017

Fruit Wines

Most commonly, grapes are what wine is made from; however, wines made from other fruits are just as delicious as grape wines. Some decadent fruits that are frequently used to make wine include plums, pineapples, elderberries, peaches, and cherries. Wines made from other fruits than grapes are often referred to as "Country Wine."

Almost any plant matter that can be fermented can be used to make fruit wine, but since there are few foods other than grapes that have the correct balance of sugar, tannin, acid, and salts, the majority of fruit wines need to be adjusted at fermentation. For example, in order to increase the alcohol content, sugar or honey may be added to the wine since sugar turns to alcohol during the fermentation process.

Some popular fruit wines:

Pineapple wine offers a sweet flavor with a bit of zest; pair it with ham for a holiday or special occasion.

Peach wine is wonderful with spicy foods. It's also great with smokey foods which enhance it's sweetness.

Blackberry wine offers a deep, rich fruit flavor, very similar to what you would expect from a Merlot.

Strawberry wine works well with pasta, pork and veal.

Our recommendations:

Chateau Fontaine Cherry Wine

Carlson Vineyards Peach Wine

Smith & Hook Winery Elderberry Wine

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